The ask was to create a way to further personalize the lock screen wallpaper. Aligning to the principles (Personal, Relevant, Connected) I designed a feature that would allow users to add personal feeds of information from various partners. As easy as it is to get a status count of your email and social connections via the notifications on the lock screen this added an easy way to stay connected to themes and streams that you care about.


The lock screen was becoming overly complex. Volume controls, dialogs, security, and wallpaper were currently live. There were some concerns with the order of events on the technical side so I sat down with the developer and visualized the z-space order to make sure that the addition of the Live Wallpaper would work in the current framework.


After establishing the viability of the presentation layer I began sketching out interaction models for activating the feature. During this time I was also developing a feature with the photos team called Bragbook. Knowing that there were other features that needed similar functionality I designed the controls to accommodate for scale. In the interest of keeping these simple I forked the decision tree to Single Image vs. Dynamic/Multi Image. I believed that there would be some anxiety with this new feature when all the user wants is to change the photo. Providing the traditional alongside the dynamic feature we would measure the level of engagement and adjust accordingly once there was enough data.